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Strategic Choices Prime Commercial Real Estate Investments in Noida

Noida’s Commercial real estate has shown an upward trend for the last few years. This is because of the ever-increasing investment Noida is getting from both Indian offshore businesses.

The major credit for this goes to the upcoming Noida International Airport in Noida. Soon to be operational, the largest airport in the country is writing a new chapter for Noida and adjacent cities.

Hence, deciding to invest in Noida’s real estate is an excellent decision in this ever-changing real estate landscape.

Therefore, today, let’s delve deep into Noida’s real estate landscape and discuss the strategic choices for investment in the city.

Reasons to make an investment in Noida

The primary reasons for making a commercial investment in Noida lie in its location, the available price, and the investment options you get.

Therefore, let’s decipher these three aspects one at a time with examples to relate with.


When it comes to the location, it is essential to analyse the region of your investment from several filters. These include the connectivity of the area and the employment, educational, and residential options it offers. Apart from that, several other factors include the physical and social infrastructure and civic amenities.

Noida is a cosmopolitan city known for its bustling IT hubs, top-notch universities and residential sectors. Hence, it has a diversified population that’s urban and has a high spending capacity.

Regarding connectivity, the region is well connected to Delhi, Greater Noida, and all the nearby NCR cities through roads, expressways, and metro connectivity. Other connectivity infrastructure projects are on track to enhance Noida’s connectivity, like the upcoming FNG Expressway (Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad).

The city is also an emerging hub for IT companies, including multinational giants like HCL, KPMG, NTT Data, Adobe, and more. Noida also hosts several top universities like the Galgotais, Amity and Sarada University. Noida already has a developed social and physical infrastructure with many recreational facilities.

Property Prices

Given the development Noida has already seen in the past few years, commercial properties are quite affordable these days, especially when compared to Delhi and Gurugram, where property prices are soaring to new heights.

When we talk about Noida, the city checks all the above points. This makes it one of the best locations to invest in. Commercial properties like GYGY Mentis are affordable because of its location, connectivity, and amenities.

Different commercial properties in Noida to invest in

There are many options if you want to invest in a commercial property in Noida. Below are the options that you have when it comes to making a commercial investment in Noida:

  • Corporate, Office, and Retail Workspace
  • IT Parks
  • Podium Retail spaces
  • Food Court

And if you are looking for a property with all of the above options, GYGY Mentis should be your destination. The property has strong branding under its name and is currently the region’s most sought-after commercial development.

GYGY Mentis- A Detailed Overview

Located in Sector 140, Noida Expressway, this RERA-approved commercial property encompasses many critical employment zones nearby. GYGY Mentis Retail shops, office spaces, and corporate workspaces offer many futuristic features and amenities to enhance your customer experience. The project comes with 13 floors of high-rise development and has a dedicated electric vehicle charging station (EV).

This property’s location promises high visibility, easy accessibility, and high footfall due to its strategic location. Some of the top features in terms of the area are mentioned below:

  • Easy connectivity through two metro stations nearby (Sector 137 and 142)
  • Excellent connectivity through roads with Noida Expressway and Mahamaya Flyover in close proximity
  • Easy connectivity with the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Freight Corridor and FNG Expressway.
  • Situated just 40 minutes from India’s two largest airports, i.e., the upcoming Noida International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Besides the location mentioned above advantages, the property comes with quite some affordability and reasonable pricing.

The amenities you get investing in GYGY Mentis’ retail shops include al-fresco style restaurants, premium cafeterias, top-notch safety features per government norms and a double-height entrance lobby for maximum visibility.

The Final Verdict

Investment in Noida’s real estate is a lucrative decision. However, the region is clustered with tons of different real estate projects, each unique. Hence, in this wave of the real estate market, it is easy to get confused and feel lost.

However, to make a remarkable commercial investment in Noida, the idea is to make sure that you follow the three aspects of investment, i.e., knowing the location inside out, understanding the pricing and being aware of all the investment options that the region offers. Hence, when it comes to Noida, its strategic location plays an important factor in its success clubbed with the affordability that the city has sustained.

However, if you are looking for a perfect real estate development in Noida, that aligns with your investment goals, do check out GYGY Mentis’ retail shops, office and corporate workplaces.